The fitness project 2018 - Week 11 guideline - Kitchen rules 3 months ago

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Any conversation about fitness actually begins from our kitchen. That’s exactly the place from where health, harmony and happiness originate. So without further ado, here goes our guideline for this week –

Top 3 Kitchen rules for wholesome health -

1. Reduce plastic
2. Bring back the iron kadhai
3. Heat, don’t microwave

1. Reduce plastic - for various reasons but because its a major pollutant not just for our environment but also for the hormonal balance in our body. It releases estrogenic chemicals in our body and disturbs the ratio between our male and female hormones. Especially important if you have PCOD, adult acne or are a young girl at puberty. Some quick places that you can start from -

- Use cloth bag instead of plastic bags to shop for vegetables and fruits. Avoid buying veggies and fruits that come individually packed in plastic or thermocol.
- No plastic tiffin boxes, especially for hot food and no plastic cutlery, haath se khao. Also, no cling films for fruits and dabbas. Use steel dabbas and malmal cloth for wrapping rotis, etc.
- Use steel or copper water bottles for drinking water when traveling and not plastic bottles (including mineral water bottles).

2. Bring back the iron kadhai - yes please, inse naata jodo. Say bye bye to your teflon coated non-stick kadhais that have made you believe that glory lies in avoiding fat (you know now that it doesn’t). The iron kadhai is an important and undervalued source of iron in your diet. Cook your poha, upma and sabzis in it. Don’t forget to add the ghee or oil and spices and i bet you will never fall short of iron ever again. Also, let go off the aluminium vessels and foils too. You can use stainless steel, pital and other varieties. Exposure to aluminium lowers the levels of zinc, an important mineral for our bodies, especially for brain health and preventing diabetes.

3. Heat, dont microwave - First of all, if you are microwaving, that means you are just overcooking and then overeating, followed by overstoring and again overeating. So stop this vicious cycle and if you have to heat food, simply heat slowly on a flame. Microwaving is harmful for the micro nutrients in the food as it quickly heats them at extremely high temperatures where their bonds break and they get oxidised and become toxic for your body.

Socho mat zyada, go back to cleaning up your kitchen. And don’t forget to involve the men of the household.

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