Webinar: Nutrition, Fitness & Sleep in Ramadan For High Energy & Productivity - Part 1 5 days ago

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A research-based practical webinar on how to manage nutrition, fitness and sleep during Ramadan to have high energy & productivity.

Aminah Khan, CEO, AmanahFitness.com shares their latest research insights to help you have the healthiest (& most productive) Ramadan. Learn more about her research & ebook here: https://www.amanahfitness.com/productiveramadan

This webinar is part of The Productive Muslim Company, Ramadan Prep Week: http://productivemuslim.com/ramadan-prep-week proudly sponsored by LaunchGood Ramadan Challenge 2018: http://launchgood.com/productivemuslim

Topics covered in the webinar include:

1. Why be Healthy in Ramadan?
2. The 'Afiyah Formula
3. How to Fix your sleep this Ramadan
4. Movement in Ramadan
5. Types of Exercises you can do during Ramadan
6. Best times to exercise

Learn more about the above topics from AmanahFitness new ebook: https://www.amanahfitness.com/productiveramadan